No signal? No worries.

Your web app needs to work, even when the Internet doesn't.

Get Offline Ready

Keep your Customers Happy

Sync errors can cost your customers their data - and their trust.

Break into New Markets

If you're looking to expand your reach in the primary sector, or remote logistics, working offline is a must.

Outperform the Competition

Let your users get to work while the competition is still showing them the loading screen - or an error page.


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There is no one size fits all solution to offline apps. In this phase we establish:

  • The network conditions your customers operate in
  • How your data models relate to the business domain
  • An overview of your current data technologies


A plan of action to implement offline for your web app, including:

  • Client side data access layer design
  • Custom offline sync strategy
  • Specification for new API endpoints

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Armed with a solid strategy tailored to your application and your customers, it's time to implement. This can proceed with or without my involvement.

About Me

I've been a freelance consultant since 2020, after a career developing software for industries such as airport services, agriculture. and supply chain management.

I live in a small village on the west coast with my wife and daughter, enjoying life between the mountains and the pacific.

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Previous Clients

Mark Toohey

Executive Director @ Aglive Group Limited Mark Toohey

❝ Lewis is very willing and responsive co-worker. He has great experience in AgTech projects and is always keen to tackle new tasks - even the challenging ones. We were very impressed with his willingness to mentor and train junior staff and he showed great initiative in doing this important task. Lewis would make a good addition to any team.❞

Micha Veen

MD & Founder @ Unique Excellence Micha Veen

❝ Lewis is a pragmatic IT professional that is very easy to work with. We conducted a business and technical solution diagnostic for the Papua New Guinea Health Product Supply Chain and assisted to understand the current technical gaps and potential practical tech-solutions that we could introduce in a tech-constricted country.

His collaborative approach and work ethics is immaculate and created a very easy work environment. He goes out of his way when you ask for some help and guidance.

Lewis, thanks for your support and insights, as you made it very easy for us to create a operational, supply chain and aligned technical roadmap for the PNG project, allowing us to get to the next stage of this exciting supply chain management project.❞

Bramford Horton

Director @ Derp Technologies Bramford Horton

❝ Lewis works with Derp Technologies as a Frontend Web Development Consultant. Throughout our time working together, Lewis has produced quality software and solutions to meet the Web UI requirements of our clients and their end-users. Lewis communicates clearly and works diligently to deliver great results.❞

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